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Mass for Shut-Ins, Backwaters Press, 2018.
mass for shut ins.jpg

"Todd Robinson has written such tender love poems in Mass for Shut-Ins that you might read them to your significant other and hope for success—a veritable Neruda of Nebraska. In 'Skin,' the speaker is 'a soft / ravening / hominid torched / by rosewater/ & coconut oil.' The poems are no less fervent toward the old sod, beautifully evoking the contemporary Midwest. He feels 'the jolt of coal trains / through the gut of steaming America.' A splendid debut."—Terese Svoboda, author of When the Next Big War Blows Down the Valley

"These poems are simultaneously societal and intensely personal, gleaned through a lens of unifying solitariness [ . . . ] the collection’s sincerity, its refusal of sensationalism, takes deep root in an indifferent world. It is a testament to resilience, an appraisal, not of perceived failures and successes, promotions and a couple extra inches on our television screens, but of our tenacity to strive forth, to “work like a serf until the last dogs / die and you can sleep in the quiet hum of clean escapism” without losing the part of us that makes it all relevant." —David Z. Drees, editor of WSC Press (review)

Note at Heart Rock, Main Street Rag Press, 2011

"Todd Robinson's poetry is so enjoyable that sometimes you can miss that you just got hit by something heavy. He switches from comedy to reflection in a heartbeat, making these poems that can really speak to you and keep you wanting more." —Matt Mason, Nebraska Poet Laureate

These poems surprise with their leaps, whether by their language or their images, whether they dive in close to bring us hospital halls and waiting rooms, or take a long view to show “a crumbling city/ on the butt-end of summer.” —Marjorie Saiser, author of Beside You at the Stoplight

Todd Robinson’s audacity and linguistic verve help distill our contemporary mania (“The drive, the drive/the western ache”). But that’s not all he can do. Sounding his barbaric yawp throughout these brilliant poems, Robinson manages to accomplish what hardly seems possible. He unites us. His ability to create an entire world with all this love in it is a genuine achievement. —Steve Langan, author of Meet Me at the Happy Bar

Note at Heart Rock, The EP! (music by Christopher Bell)
note at heart rock ep.jpg

Track List:

1. Egg 01:37

2. Omaha 01:41

3. Poem For Matthew 01:54

4. Lunar Cycle of Cabbage 01:47

5. Live Long and Prosper 02:21

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